Plant based for food lovers
At MATR Foods we use the art of traditional fungi fermentation on a mix of Nordic organic vegetables, legumes and grains to create a new healthy plant ingredient rich with deep umami flavour and a juicy tender bite.
A new generation of natural plant food

Fermentation is not just a preservation method, but a tool for transformation to unlock the full potential of flavor, while minimizing waste. At MATR we use fermentation to create a juicy texture, bouncy bite and deep umami flavor. Without any additives, heavy processing or strange ingredients.


The recipe is simple, five organic ingredients sourced from Nordic farms – oats, split peas, lupins, beetroot, and potatoes transformed by adding natural fungi spores to create healthy, climate-friendly food.

The power of fungi

Whether we call it the magic of nature or the science of fermentation, we owe everything to the fungi. As the fermentation begins, the roots or hyphae of the fungus spread throughout our ingredients. This binds everything together and a deep umami flavour is created naturally.


Over the course of the fermentation, five ingredients become one delicious bite of juicy, tempty and deeply satisfying MATR. Unenhanced by additives and untouched by heavy processing.

Delicious in any recipe
Spicy Hummus

A nice bowl of hummus topped with aromatic spices and savory bites of MATR. 

Greenie Burger⁠

This green burger comes together in every bite with a medley of greens, fresh mozzarella and a juicy MATR patty.

Red Curry⁠

The ultimate comfort food using vegetables you would easily have in the kitchen, a spicy red sauce and lots of rich MATR block.