A new generation of plant food

Taste what happens when fungi fermentation and plants come together. A new plant-based ingredient full of deep umami flavor and a juicy firm bite.

The recipe is simple, five organic ingredients sourced from Danish farms - oats, split peas, lupins, beetroot, and potatoes transformed by adding natural fungi spores to create healthy, climate-friendly food.

MATR is now available in Sticks'n'Sushi at every location throughout Denmark, Germany and the UK! 

Sticks'n'Sushi's Spring specials menu will feature the MATR Chili yakitori stick. MATR's rich umami flavour combines effortlessly with the sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce, balanced with a slight kick of heat from a zesty plant-based chilli mayo drizzle and topped with freshly chopped Spring onions for a bright finish.  

Sticks'n'Sushi chose MATR for their Spring specials fully plant-based menu as it aligns with their ongoing sustainability initiatives. The MATR Chili stick will only be available for the Spring season so get over to your local Sticks'n'Sushi to taste it. 

Created in collaboration with nature

World food production plays a huge role in the climate and biodiversity crisis. It is estimated that 1/3 of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to food production. The vast majority of this is due to animal production. Nutrient and pesticide pollution, water scarcity and desertification are other factors threatening the world's biodiversity.

That's why you need more plants on your plate. But going plant-based doesn't have to be a compromise. That's why we're working to create new plant-based ingredients that are so delicious, no one has to miss meat. From whole organic ingredients and with no additives. With the help of thousand-year-old fermentation techniques, we create modern Nordic foods that help restore the balance between humans and nature.

MATR's organic plant-based patty is now available to be ordered in any of Gasoline Grill's award-winning burgers.

The juiciness, deep umami, and nice firm bite works well in every burger on the Gasoline Grill menu so you can choose your own adventure. 

All of the flavor without any compromises - we are proud of our clean label, only 5 ingredients sourced from Danish farms without any additives. Enjoy your next MATR burger without hesitation.  

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