Using what nature provides

MATR is made of only five ingredients – potatoes, oats, beets, split peas, and lupins – making it a delicious alternative, with numerous nutritional benefits. Legumes are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber, and essential minerals.


No funky additives, low in fat and cholesterol and junk free, makes it a healthy choice for anyone seeking a more balanced and wholesome diet.

Using fermentation to reduce waste

At MATR, we are committed to combating food waste and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. One of the key ways we accomplish this is through the power of fermentation. By harnessing this ancient technique, we can extend the shelf life of food, minimize waste, and unlock incredible flavors and nutritional benefits. 


Fermentation is a natural process and we utilize it to create great flavour and texture. It is our belief that additives and chemicals are not necessary to create satisfying plant-based foods. Through carefully controlled fermentation, we can give new life to vegetables, which do not meet the narrow supermarket beauty standard. 

This enables us to utilize these ingredients and transform them into unique, flavorful products that are both nutritious and sustainable. We believe that fermentation is not just a preservation method, but a way to unlock the full potential of food and using it as a tool for transformation to minimize waste.  

Minimal processing

At MATR, we believe that preserving the natural goodness of ingredients is paramount in providing nutritious and wholesome food to our consumers. Our technology and fermentation process focuses on maintaining the integrity of these nutrients throughout the production process. By utilizing advanced techniques and gentle processing, we carefully handle our ingredients to retain their inherent nutritional value. 


Focusing on minimal processing, we not only deliver nutritious food but also contribute to reducing food waste. Our approach allows us to utilize more of the edible parts of the ingredients, minimizing unnecessary discarding and maximizing the utilization of valuable nutrients. It aligns with our commitment to sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint of our operations. 

Working organically

At MATR Foods, we believe in using organic ingredients in our products. Taking the organic approach means that our ingredients do not contribute to soil degredation, water toxicity and pesticide usage during the sowing, growing and harvesting. 


Numerous studies point to the positive impact of organic farming practices on bio-diversity in and around the fields. By choosing MATR, you’re choosing to support the organic movement.

Denmark was the first country in the world to implement a state control for organics in 1987. Since then, the Danish Ø has become a mark of high quality, strict control and reliability. We are committed to carrying on these standards from farm to fork.