Our story

MATR was started in Copenhagen, Denmark by a group of people in 2021 who wanted to produce healthy and sustainable food. We saw a need for a change, not only in the selection of available plant-based foods, but also in the way we utilise our produce. Through research, trial and testing we came up with a new way to create delicious food from the unwanted from agriculture. But this did not happen without a strong team.


The people behind MATR are a broadly composed group who represent the world of research and food with a special focus on nutrition and microbiology, innovation and engineering, entrepreneurs and chefs from the Nordic culinary universe, including food entrepreneur Claus Meyer. Since then, our team has steadily grown to encompass a dedicated team of scientists, food sector veterans, chefs, nutrition experts, sustainability buffs – passionate people all.

A new generation

The world of plant-based foods has seen a lot of growth and has centered itself around two approaches: the beetroot patties and falafel,  or protein isolates from mainly soy and pea. At MATR Foods, we take a different approach through the use of fungi fermentation to reduce food waste, limit the processing of our ingredients, increase nutritional quality, and create palatability through natural means.


This is what makes us the next generation of plant-based foods: using the power of fungi to our advantage.


As our mycelium grows, it envelops and begins transforming our five ingredients into something new. Thousands of tiny roots called hyphae make up the mycelium and every one of them begins breaking down the nutrients in our mix. This releases flavourful amino acids and starches which brown beautifully when cooked.  The mycelium also binds everything together, creating the juicy MATR texture in a natural way.