Our mission

MATR Foods is dedicated to creating delicious plant-based products that appeal to people who are looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets without completely giving up meat. Our mission is simple: we want to make planet friendly eating easy and accessible for everyone, while supporting local farmers and reducing the environmental impact of food production.


Plant-based foods should not only be healthy and sustainable, but also exciting and full of flavor. Our vision is to create a world where plant-based eating is the norm, and where everyone can enjoy delicious, satisfying meals that are good for them and good for the planet.


Ultimately, our goal is to inspire people to make a positive change in their diet and lifestyle, one meal at a time. We believe by offering delicious plant-based products that appeal to more people, we can help shift the food system towards a more sustainable and compassionate future. 

Explore our products
MATR Mince

Convenient, pre-chopped pieces of mince. Keeps its shape and bite in stews and sauces.

MATR Block

Most versatile and a chef’s favorite. Can be cut into any shapeyou want.

MATR Patty

Easy and convenient. Fry it up with a toss of oil, salt and pepper at medium heat.