It’s just a MATR of taste


Taste what our collaborators and partners have created using MATR in their restaurants. From early on, we have been working on providing our products to interested parties across the food service sector. This includes canteens, restaurants and foodstalls across the Copenhagen cityscape and beyond.


Be it in an iconic gourmet burger, on a skewer, or in various sandwiches, there is something for every craving. Check out some of our partners below.



Our partners
Gasoline Grill

MATR’s 100% organic plant-based patty made from Nordic legumes and vegetables is now available to be ordered in any of Gasoline Grill’s award-winning burgers at all 9 locations in Copenhagen, including Tivoli Gardens and the CPH airport.

The juiciness, deep umami, and nice firm bite works well in every burger on Gasoline Grill’s menu – choose your own adventure.



MATR is now available in Sticks’n’Sushi at every location throughout Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Sticks’n’Sushi’s offers the MATR Chili yakitori stick on their menu. MATR’s rich umami flavour combines effortlessly with the sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce, balanced with a slight kick of heat from a zesty plant-based chilli mayo drizzle and topped with freshly chopped Spring onions for a bright finish.

Meyer’s Food Truck

We have developed a new collaboration between MATR Foods x Meyer’s. Our “Pork Off Sandwich” is made with a MATR patty, crispy crackling, mustard-miso mayo, pickled summer cabbage, apple relish, and pickles.

It’s all the juicy, crunchy, soft and crispy you could ask for.  A reinvented classic, just in time for summer. Only available on Meyer’s food truck throughout the summer.


MATR can now be enjoyed as part of a traditional Danish culinary staple: the open-faced sandwich. Rørt has created a take on a traditional salad topping using MATR, mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke mayo and fermented garlic, topped with pickled cabbage and parsley on toasted rye.

This majestic sandwich is called The Leftover. Try it at Rørt in Torvehallerne, Copenhagen.



Restaurant mother is known for its trademark sourdough pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. One of the first restaurants in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen, focused organic quality food imported directly from Italy or made in Copenhagen from organic produce. What could be better than a slice, straight from the oven?

Following our Vegan Pizza Week collab, where the two pizzas ‘Red Matter’ and ‘Mathilde’ first appeared, they have become menu staples.

GAO Dumpling

What could be better than a dumpling filled with MATR?

We have partnered with GAO Dumplings, a Copenhagen based chain offering some of the best dumplings around. This collab hits close to home, because dumplings have been one of our favourite ways of using MATR since the early days.

Flavours of soy, garlic, and ginger paired with MATR is a winning combo. Try some for yourself when the next craving hits.

Sokkelund Café & Brasserie

The MATR Patty makes a proud debut at a true establishment of the Copenhagen dining scene. Sokkelund Café & Brasserie in Frederiksberg has been serving up delicious food since ’94. Embracing both tradition, classic cuisine and new ingredients, they’ve added MATR to the menu in the shape of their vegetarian burger.

A savoury patty, crunchy veggies, pickles, cheese and a delicious burger sauce. We’re hungry already.