Meet the team behind Matr

We are a diverse group of people representing the research world with a special focus on nutrition and microbiology, as well as chefs and entrepreneurs from the Nordic culinary universe.

Randi Wahlsten

Randi has worked in the food industry for over 10 years in all areas of the industry and in many parts of the world. This included working at Arla Foods, helping them to launch plant-based alternatives and establish a leading position in digital marketing and database-driven category management in Denmark. As sustainability became her passion, it eventually led to her using her expertise to lead the direction of MATR Foods.

Nikolaj Fackler Madsen

Head of Production Development
Nikolaj's many years of experience in the kitchen, his passion for fermentation and his background as an industrial technician led him to Matr, where he has been an integral part of the company from the very beginning. His multidisciplinary understanding of fungal fermentation has been the driving force behind product development for Matr. Nikolaj believes that nature-driven technology is the sustainable future that Matr Foods has a role in helping to create.

Claire Moyle

Claire joins the MATR Foods team with years of experience in the food and beverage industry. She has gained expertise in international brand building and growth marketing having worked for global companies Brooklyn Brewery and Empirical. Over the last 4 years, she became passionate about plant-based products after researching how individuals can have a positive impact on the environment through diet and lifestyle. This brought her to MATR Foods with a mission to drive growth through marketing, communication and deliciousness.

Sune Olsen

Head of Sales
Sune has extensive commercial experience in FMCG from the food industry, HORECA, OOH / On-Trade and IH / Off-Trade markets in both national and international companies such as Unilever, at a strategic, tactical and operational level. He comes to MATR Foods with an in-depth knowledge of sales and key account execution and is the driving force behind our sustainable growth strategy.

Eric Heilig

Head of Product Development
Eric is an R&D specialist and innovator, working on all aspects of food, flavour and fermentation.
He worked as a chef for over a decade in some of the best restaurants in Spain and Ireland and most recently for Empirical in Copenhagen, where he developed a range of fermented spices and sauces. Eric brings a unique and flavour-driven approach to product development to MATR Foods, along with his experience in taking formulas from the development stage to large-scale production, while prioritising a sustainable approach.

Efraín Hernandez Morales

Production Manager
Efraín is always trying to make the world a better place through gastronomy. His gastronomic career began in 2016. He began his studies in gastronomy and culinary arts at the Basque Culinary Centre. Here he was exposed to interdisciplinary environments that helped him begin to understand, from the inside, how many of the processes associated with food production. Efraín is passionate about interdisciplinary environments and the evolution of technology applied to food. At MATR Foods, he tirelessly seeks process improvements, whether they affect his colleagues or our customers.

Emil Kleis Boll

Communications Assistant
Health and nutrition student specialising in food, management and sustainability. Emil has had a lifelong passion for food, sustainable food and culinary geekery. Emil has subsequently worked to immerse himself in the food field on many different fronts: cooking for the restaurant staff at Øens Have, teaching young families seasonal, organic and affordable cooking through the Hello Kitchen organisation, planning and hosting food events in and out of school. At MATR Foods he found a new passion to help create a new and sustainable way of producing and eating food, working in interaction with customers with his enthusiasm in focus. 

Iván Rosano

Science Assistant
Iván is pursuing a Master's degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with a specialization in Fermentation-Based Biomanufacturing (FBM) at DTU. He is passionate about science because he believes it is the solution to various problems in the world such as water and affordable food. By being a student assistant in project development at MATR foods, he feels he can have a positive impact on society while gaining hands-on experience with fermentation processes. In his free time, he enjoys making origami and cooking Mexican food for his friends.

Lucas Oliveira

Production Assistant
Lucas worked in finance after university, but pursued a dream of becoming a chef after realising he needed work to feel more concrete. Since then, he worked as a chef at both Blue Hill and Amass. He is very passionate about sustainability in the food system, football and skiing. Lucas works as one of the production assistants at MATR and loves finding ways to create products out of food waste. He is also an avid ice cream lover, with a love for the outdoors and a good book.

Claus Meyer

Culinary entrepreneur for more than 30 years with more than 800 employees.

- Affiliated professor and distinguished alumna at Copenhagen Business School
- Social Impact Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.
- Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog under the Royal Danish House
- Member of the Danish Academy of Gastronomy
- Featured on the EAT Foundation and Culinary Institute of America's Plant-Forward Global 50 list
- Member of the Advisory Board of the Stone Barns Center, USA.
- Co-founder of the Melting Pot Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of life and provide new opportunities for vulnerable people in Denmark and in selected projects abroad.
- Co-founder of the famous restaurant noma in Copenhagen (Denmark) and restaurant GUSTU in La Paz (Bolivia).

Leonie Johanna Jahn

Co-founder Science
Leonie has several years of experience in developing sustainable and healthy food through microbial fermentations, synthetic biology and upcycling of food by-products.

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