Plant-based food of the future

We transform the plants and vegetables that the food system has rejected because of their appearance or size, and give them new life through fermentation.
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What is fungi food?

When we went into the kitchen to create a brand new kind of plant food, we asked some of the planet's humbler beings for help - the fungi. Because they can do some pretty wild things that are often lacking in plant-based cooking: add texture and bite to food, and fire up deep umami to give food a dense, delicious flavour.

But the wild thing is that they can also boost the protein content of the plant-based food, making your fungi food rich in natural nutrition.

We unleash the mushroom cultures on a simple mix of Danish organic vegetables that others have discarded because they weren't pretty enough (we think they're beautiful now), and crunchy Danish grains and pulses. And - boom - there's stuffing, steaks and buns for you. Made from nature's own ingredients and processes.

With MATR, we say hello to fungi food and goodbye to unmanageable additives and fussy chemistry. In return, you can cook our fungi foods just as deliciously as you like!

It’s all a MATR of taste.

Should we eat our way out of the planet's challenges - together?

Vi tror ikke, at man kan redde verden med en burger. Men gid man kunne.
Because we need to change the way we feed the planet.
A third of the world's food goes to waste. The climate and biodiversity take a beating from polluting food production. And our health suffers from over-processed, unhealthy food.

That's why we want to show how we can do our bit to break the food waste curve, fight back against the climate crisis and give us all the chance to live a little healthier. One meal at a time.

By feeding more people from less land, we can give nature room to unfold its 3.5 billion years of natural intelligence. Our work is rooted in science. Through traditional fermentation techniques and new knowledge, we can increase the nutritional value, and improve the flavours and textures of nature's resources. We believe that by protecting nature, we can secure an infinite source of natural solutions to the challenges of the future.

So welcome to our world of fungi foods. A new generation of plant foods that can make a difference.

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